Accounts Receivable Collection Solutions

Equidata’s combination of the latest technology along with experienced, professional collection specialists allows us to provide you effective results at an affordable rate. 

Our Collection Specialists

Each of our collection specialists has earned certifications through the Consumer Data Industry Association and ACA International on credit reporting, consumer relations and collection ethics and principles.  In addition, they are fully trained on compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Accounts Receivable Solutions

Equidata's professional and friendly approach to collections has earned high remarks from customers and debtors alike.  Take a look at what is being said about our staff.


Our Collection System

Equidata utilizes the DAKCS collection system.  Through this system, we track and monitor the entire collection process from start to finish.

Predictive Dial Technology

Equidata utilizes predictive dial technology so that we can increase the number of calls made in a days time.  By eliminating no answers and busy signals our collection specialists can do what they do best – work to resolve outstanding debts for our clients.

Placement of Accounts

Accounts can be placed with us in a variety of ways including, encrypted email, secure FTP access, online access, facsimile and mail.

Online Access

We believe that communication is the key to maintaining a good relationship with our clients.  Through our secure online program, QwikClient, our clients have real time access to their accounts.  Online access gives clients the option to view their accounts, check the status, generate reports, notify us of payments, upload new accounts and communicate with our Client Services specialists. 

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Payment Options

Our collection specialists can process a debtor’s credit card payment while they are on the phone.  Methods of payment include Visa, Master Card, Discover, debit card and American Express.  We also accept check by phone or mail when a credit card option is not available.

Online Payment Processing

For added convenience, debtors can make their payments online through our secure payment processing portal using their unique account number and PIN.

Interactive Voice Response Technology

For debtors who prefer not to speak with a collection specialist, we offer the ability to obtain account information through our interactive voice response technology.  Using their unique account number and PIN, debtors can access their account balance and make payments.  During normal business hours, debtors can select the option to speak with a collection specialist at any time.

Insurance Filing

For our medical clients, our in-house insurance billing specialist will file insurance claims and do all the necessary insurance follow-up to expedite payment.