Background Screening Solutions

Control your risk - Lease to the right people - Hire the right employees

Making the right decision is vital when it comes to protecting your company. Having access to the right information is key. Equidata’s background screening offers a fast, easy way to screen your applicants and control your risk. With one entry, you can access all the necessary data needed to evaluate the risk of a potential employee or tenant so you can make a quick and informed decision.

Background Report Solutions

Our Solutions

Credit Reports

Learn how your applicants pay their current obligations by accessing credit data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.  Credit scores are also available.

Criminal Reports

Instantly access over 450 million criminal records throughout the United States with a statewide or national criminal history search.   Data includes felony, misdemeanor, terrorist and sex offender records.  Manual county and federal searches are also available.

Eviction Reports

Eviction data provides you with detailed information on how your applicants have paid their previous landlords, preventing you from renting to someone that you may have to evict later.  Data includes court filings, monetary and possession judgments, skips and damage claims.

Address History Reports

If you are looking for a previous tenant or simply want to make sure an address was omitted from the application, then this report is for you.  Our address history report will help you locate skips, verify an applicant’s address history and identify potential names previously used by your applicant.

Customized Employment and Rental Verifications

Performing employment and rental verifications can be time consuming.  Our verification specialists can provide the reliable and cost saving assistance you need to verify current and previous employment and rental histories.  Verification questions can be customized to meet your needs.

Background Screening Services
Background Screening Solutions

Driver History Report

Search our nationwide database for fast and reliable driving records through the Division of Motor Vehicles.  Data is available for all 50 states.

Fraud Alert and Social Security Number Verification

Protect yourself, your company and your property from applicants using a stolen identity or someone else’s social security number.  When there is a hit, you are immediately notified of the potential risk.

Terrorist Alert

A terrorist search through the Office of Foreign Asset and Control database is available for a quick and accurate way to determine if your applicant is a known terrorist, drug trafficker or money launderer.

Tenant Scorecard

Take the guesswork out of the screening process.  Tenant Scorecard automatically evaluates key factors in the credit report returning a pass, fail or conditional based on criteria you set for your property.  Tenant scorecard will also alert you when criminal records are found.

Technology Options           

  • Configurable online application
  • Property management software integration
  • Flexible payment options
  • Integrated disclosure letters
  • Electronic authorization form
  • Lease and document generation