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About Equidata

PRMA Circa 1940

Our company began in 1905 in the downtown area of Newport News with one employee, a telephone and 3x5 index cards. We were originally called the Peninsula Grocer's Association, formed as a result of losses incurred by local grocers because their customers were not taking care of their obligations. The grocers continued to have problems so they decided to build files and record the credit experiences of those individuals that did not pay and then share this information with other grocers. This became the answer for the grocers thus leading to the development of a Credit Bureau.

As other businesses heard about this, retailers of furniture, jewelry and soft goods soon became members of the newly formed Credit Bureau. As the Credit Bureau grew, retailers started outnumbering the grocers so the decision was made to change the Association's name to the Peninsula Retail Merchants Association.

As time went on, delinquency and bankruptcy became more prevalent. Businesses did not know how to re-coop the money owed them.  As a result, many business owners approached us for assistance. Soon after, the Peninsula Retail Merchants Association created a new division to help meet their needs and in 1958 we announced the development of our new Collection Services Division.

In 1983 our company relocated from downtown Newport News to our current location in City Center. Our move reflected the shift in the business community and allowed us to be more accessible.

Equidata Today

As local businesses started expanding off the Virginia Peninsula so did the need for our services. In May 1989, the Peninsula Retail Merchants Association became known as Commonwealth Information Services, Inc., a privately held corporation. Since that time, we have experienced exponential growth. In January 2002, to promote our ability to service customers both locally and on a national level, Commonwealth Information Services became known as EQUIDATA, Inc.

Equidata has celebrated more than 100 years in business. From the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to customers and to their success. We made a commitment to our customers in 1905 when we first opened our doors and that commitment continues on today.

Our Affiliations

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